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A computer is a tool for managing your business. It is “an electronic machine for making calculations, storing and analyzing information fed into it, and controlling machinery automatically.” (Oxford American Dictionary)

A computer can be used to save time and permit you to do other things, but if these are the reasons you are using a computer in your business, it is a waste. With the right software, computers can massively increase the production and, thereby, income of a business.

Remember the ambition and excitement you had when starting your own business or taking a position in a larger enterprise? You really wanted it to go well. Computers can do so much to help bring to fruition the purposes you had at that time.

We do information technology right.


Information Systems for Businesses of All Sizes

We have a proven record of designing software to meet the needs of any business. By understanding and clarifying all requirements before we start development, we make it a positive and efficient process. Software designed for a specific purpose leaves the business operator free to make his plans a reality.

Consultant to a Variety of Industries​

Mark Thomas, principle of MKT Enterprises, has developed software for and worked in the following industries. He credits his experience in this wide scope of industries to the ability to isolate fundamental elements leading to successes in building sound, well-structured systems that can expand and meet future requirements.

Software Project Salvage​

Few things are as disappointing as investing time, creativity, money and effort into a software project to find it really doesn’t do what you want it to. This may be because the developer did not gain enough understanding of the business so he could not effectively design the right solution. Or new requirements have come up and you learn they cannot be added without an expensive re-write.


Mark Thomas has been working in software development and the IT industry since getting his degree in 1985.

His first job as a programmer was with an accounting consultant working with one of the early PC-based database applications. After a year he launched his own software development company and was inundated with projects all over the business spectrum, from financial services to industrial materials to food manufacturing, to name a few.

He grew up in a family that included several entrepreneurs, and so early on gained experience in manufacturing, including industrial machinery and fiberglass boat manufacturing. This provided him a thorough understanding of producing hard, tangible products.

He credits his ability to envision and then develop solutions in such a wide variety of industries to this hard-won understanding. He has been called upon to review and analyze projects started by other developers that ultimately failed to produce results.

His hobbies and interests include reading, mostly literature and philosophy, sailing and aviation. He recently has started to learn to cook under the guidance of his oldest daughter, an experienced personal chef. He lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, close to both sailboats and airplanes, where, if he has Wi-Fi, a Patrick O’Brien novel and a hot cup of coffee, he’s happy.


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