Who's Got Your Money?

Your biggest loss of money is the money never made.

  1. Leads that never became customers and wandered off
  2. Existing customers wandering off and never came back for repeat business

The biggest losses occur by failing to hold their interest and curiosity long enough to turn them into customers. It’s not only the cost to get the lead in the first place. The biggest loss (isn’t it more like a CRIME to a business owner?) is the money you didn’t make from the lead.

This is the same for your existing customers. Each one had a cost to you to become a customer, so the second biggest loss is the money lost because they didn’t return to become repeat customers.

Let’s look at handling leads as they turn up. The handling is, in theory, very simple. Once you have their attention (by social media, ads, SEO response, etc.) you need to convince them that YOU have the product they need. You also need to convince them that YOU  are a RELIABLE and KNOWLEDGEABLE provider.  You also need to convince them that they can TRUST you to deliver that product satisfactorily. Except in rare instances, this does not happen in a single or even many ad views. It requires that you keep yourself and your product in front of the lead until they decide to buy.

You need a worked-out process to walk the person through their process of making the decision to buy.

To be efficient, you need something that tracks each lead, noting all contacts and actions that have occurred with the lead. You also need to track what responses have come back so you know when to move to the next step. Not all leads will move through your sales funnel at the same rate. If you try to move them through too quickly or too slowly, they’re gone.

Handling leads and customers is called Customer Relations Management (CRM).

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